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'Metal Missionaries' Review: Bruce Moore's documentary shows both sides of the Christian black metal scene

Bruce Moore's new Metal Missionaries documentary is the most fascinating Christian metal documentary I have ever seen. And I've seen them all. This documentary is packed with 75 minutes of intense introspection and awesome interviews with bands who hate Christian metal, and bands who create Christian metal.
"I don't think they should call it black metal. Black metal is a unique thing, it's a Northern thing. It definitely has nothing to do with Christianity." -Nord from Nordjevel

One of my favorite interview questions has always been, "What do you think of Jesus Christ?" They used to ask non-Christian bands that all the time in HM Magazine, and I always loved reading the responses.

You should ask a random person that question sometime and note their response. It's usually very interesting to watch someone's mind shift into taking about Jesus Christ, and ultimately, a lot of people are just kind of weirded out by it I think, at least when I a…
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Interview: Eduardo from Thimoteos, No More Zombies, and Cristo Suburbano/Suburban Christ Records!!

Eduardo A. Teixeira learned to speak English from listening to people speak English, and also comic books. He said talking with me is a wonderful English class. This guy is some kind of linguistic genius, because I took a French class in high school and I can’t read comic books in French.

He also runs Cristo Suburbano Records, or Suburban Christ in English. This is a take off of another local project called Suburban Shout (in English). Eduardo thought it’d be cool to take the name Suburban Shout and start a label named Suburban Christ. So that’s where the name came from.

Eduardo is a super generous person!! He donated an exclusive track for our upcoming benefit compilation with Thumper Punk Records for Christian Alliance For Orphans, and gave me gift copies of his albums and also albums from his record label Cristo Suburbano. I listened to every album he gave me all the way through a couple times (at least, because auto repeat is on and I don't always change it) so I feel fairly …